giovedì 30 giugno 2011

Bobby D. comments on Rockin' Loud demo

My friend and guitar guru Bobby D. from Florida was so kind to comment some of our demo on our youtube channel. Thanks so much Bobby!!!!

Bobby DeVito is a guitarist and vocalist from South Florida. His career has taken him from New Wave in the 80s, to blues guitar and ambient techno music in the 90s, and in the modern day with PEDALS IN PARADISE!Bobby's instrumental guitar album LVX Nova was released internationally by Miramar/BMG in 1997, and the guitarist has also toured with Atlantic Recording artist blues great Sherman Robertson.
He also wrote a very interesting book, "Burned - Living Through the 80s and 90s as a Rock Guitarist" a highly recommended read. Bobby D. e-book is available here:

His youtube channel is

Bobby DeVito is currently endorsing and using gear from:
Line 6 Effects
Babicz Acoustic Guitars
DR Strings
BJFe Effects
Mad Professor Effects
Catalinbread Effects
Bird of Paradise Capos & Slides
Dimarzio pickups and straps
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